Perhentian Island

The Perhentian Islands in Malaysia’s South China Sea are one of South East Asia’s top destinations for diving and snorkelling. The islands offer crystal clear waters and a wealth of diverse marine life. Popular snorkelling sites include Shark Point, known for its blacktip reef sharks and Turtle Beach, where green and hawksbill sea turtles feed on sea grass. for divers, Batu Layar is a playground of soft and hard coral, T3’s swim-throughs, large boulders and abundance of nudibranch keep us going back for more and the 25-meter pinnacle of Tokong Laut, where divers may spot a whale shark if they are lucky enough, are not to be missed. Wreck diving enthusiasts can explore San Choi Wreck, with its vortexing juvenile barracuda, Kapal Polis with jenkins rays galore, Kapal Gula, and Kapal Vietnam where tropical fish, sharks, turtles, and much more can be found. The Perhentian Islands offer a range of diving experiences, from shallow coral reefs to deep walls and drift dives. Drop us a message on WhatsApp if you have a question about a particular dive site. 

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